At U.P.P. we understand pets are family. Our business philosophy is based on our love for pets and the feeling that every pet is an individual. We know that each pet has it's own personality. Uptown Poochie Parlor is a safe, clean, low stress spa that caters to all your pet's individual grooming needs.

We prefer your pet sees the same groomer for every visit. This helps build a trusting bond which in turn makes the grooming process go as smooth as possible. We get to know the styles you prefer and which best suit your pet's life style. The Groomer also gets to know your pet's temperament, general health needs and special requirements.

Our available appointments book up quickly due to our scheduling policies. Each groomer takes pride in their work and needs time to produce the best possible looking grooms, ergo the number of dogs booked for each groomer per day is limited. Spa appointments are staggered to fit your schedule as well as limit the time your pet is away from home. This ensures personalized time and attention is given to each pet to reduce stress and to ensure that every pet looks and feels their very best without being rushed.

The typical groom time for a small/medium size dog is 2 hours. We place an update call 20 minutes before your pet is finished. Since we prefer to not cage your pet and U.P.P. is not a day care facility, a prompt pick up is appreciated. We stress that no one arrive EARLY to pick up their pet. This causes the pet undo stress and excitement, which can lead to injuries or your groomer being unable to finish your pet's groom.

We specialize in elderly, timid, and anxious dogs. However for safety of the groomers and other animals, we do not groom aggressive animals. Gentle grooming techniques are used when handling your pet during the grooming process. Most pets fair better at our salon based on our salon style booking and the low number of pets in the salon at any given time. Many feel more comfortable each time they come in as they build a relationship with their groomer. We do try to work with all pets that come in, unfortunately some must be turned away due to safety concerns.

Pamper your pooch with the ultimate salon experience
at Uptown Poochie Parlor! You will see, smell and feel the difference!

Owner / Groomer

Julie is the Owner and Senior Groomer of U.P.P. She is a dual certified Pet Stylist. She has also completed certifications for; Veterinarian's Assistant, Pet Psychology, Pet Nutrition, Pet Sitting and Pet First Aide. She has 15 plus years of grooming experience in professional salons. She specializes in Pomeranians, Toy Poodles, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Shelties and pets with special needs. Julie also has a Bachelor's Degree from the prestigious Columbus College of Art and Design.

Julie has grown up with a wide range of pets, including exotics. She currently has 5 dogs, a bunny and fish. She is a vegetarian and a plant enthusiast. Julie is a dedicated foster for the Pomeranian Club of Michigan Rescue and often has a foster dog ready for adoption. She has over 15 years of volunteer rescue experience and is very good with skittish or nervous smaller dogs (such as chihuahuas).

Love for animals, professional training and artistic talent give Julie an outstanding ability to style and pamper your pet. She continues her education by participating in Grooming FB groups, reading blogs/articles/forums and staying in touch with fellow groomers.

*Due to her extremely large client base, new clients are ONLY added by specific requests and need.

Groomer's Assistant

Teresa has had a dog in her home since early childhood. She has a deep devotion for their health and happiness. She is an advocate for rescue/adoption and does volunteer work for such agencies. She currently is a mom to a pit mix named Riley. In her personal time she likes to make art and natural personal care products. She is into dance and performing arts. She also likes to play interactive/physical fitness video games and tend her indoor garden.

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