Highly recommended

We have been taking Gus to Julie for several years now. We had moved to FLA for one year and immediately came back to her when we returned. Gus just loves Julie. She is the only one that can do his nails without a problem.

I used to live about 7 minutes from her location and am now about 35. I make the trek to her from Howell.

If you want your pooch well taken care of, I urge you to go to Uptown Poochie Parlor.



Howie LOVES “the girls”. They do an amazing job keeping him handsome. You can tell they love what they do. Howie had ear problems and Jynna takes special care when bathing him. He always leaves (after his treats, of course!) looking and smelling great! Howie has been going there for a couple of years now and I wouldn’t bring him anywhere else.

Thank you for doing what you do so well!!!




I can't say enough good things about Julie and her staff at Uptown Poochie Parlor. I started taking my Golden Retriever puppy to see her three years ago. He has allergy issues, and I was hesitant to take him to a groomer because of his special needs. Julie is well versed in dogs that have skin allergies, and takes extra care when grooming him. I love that she has a cage free environment, so my pup can walk around the grooming area without having to be restrained.

Not having to be restrained helps tremendously reduce his stress while visiting. I think what is so special about Julie is her personal touch. It's the extra little things that matter so much to
her. When my dog was sick Julie and the staff were the first "Get Well Soon" card we received. She always makes sure to give my pup something special around the holiday's, and checks up
on him if she hasn't heard from us in a while to make sure he is feeling ok. Julie isn't just someone who grooms my dog, she has become an extended part of our family. The staff at Uptown Poochie Parlor are very committed to what they do, and it is obvious how much they love our fur babies. I feel very grateful to have Uptown Poochie Parlor as my groomer. She is also very active in the foster care community, and fosters many animals herself.




We have been taking our dogs to Julie for about 6 years and I couldn't iamgine taking them anywhere else. She gives them her personal attention from puttings bows in their hair to even polishing their nails and especially just caring for our dogs when they are in her shop. Thanks Julie for all you do for Holly and Reese!



I have two Golden Retrievers. They have been to multiple groomers in past, from large corporations to other small businesses. They have had multiple bad experiences so are now petrified of a groomer. The other locations never seem to be able to get their cuts right, and they always turn out choppy. Both Julie and Jennifer truly do their best at their jobs.. from hair, toe nails (which NO ONE, not even vet) has been able to do, to anal glands and finally all natural finishing spray. Oh did I forget to mention their products are all natural?
When I called UPP I was requested to bring in the boys for a consultation. It was quick, the reason for this is the owner does not want to quote incorrectly. I've never felt (for the job which was being done, and the mental state of my babies afterwards) that I was ever paying to much. And actually I pay less than I did at other locations. First time I heard price and saw the outcome I couldn't believe it!
Julie goes out of her way to ensure both the customer and most of all your pets are at peace. The best part is since they are not a large corporation, booking only 1 or two dogs at a time, my boys never have to be in a cage!
If your pets are more than "pets" (and I say that because they accept more than dogs) I would never pass up UPP. Sometimes you need to go a little out of your way in the short run to receive long term happiness for your babies!

Renee T.

      Photo by Adina St. John
My dog, Patches and her best canine friend, Lulu love going to see Julie at the Uptown Poochie Parlor. Julie does a wonderful job cleaning them up and making them pretty!
Julie has been grooming them for years and her love for animals shows through as she takes care in grooming them! Thanks Julie!
Laura Kloiber - Northville, MI

Uptown Poochie Parlor has definitely been a wonderful addition to the Cherry Hill Village Community. The location is very convenient for Canton residents, especially for Cherry Hill Village residents, and the prices are very reasonable. My dog, Lacy, loves to visit the Parlor and is always very excited to see Miss Julie. She typically receives a shampoo and conditioning treatment along with nail trimming (including polish...if you're a girl pooch), teeth brushing and lots of love.

Thank you, Uptown Poochie Parlor, for providing such awesome care for our four-legged friends.

Beth Casari

Lacy after a grooming at Uptown Poochie Parlor


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