I have two Golden Retrievers. They have been to multiple groomers in past, from large corporations to other small businesses. They have had multiple bad experiences so are now petrified of a groomer. The other locations never seem to be able to get their cuts right, and they always turn out choppy. Both Julie and Jennifer truly do their best at their jobs.. from hair, toe nails (which NO ONE, not even vet) has been able to do, to anal glands and finally all natural finishing spray. Oh did I forget to mention their products are all natural?
When I called UPP I was requested to bring in the boys for a consultation. It was quick, the reason for this is the owner does not want to quote incorrectly. I've never felt (for the job which was being done, and the mental state of my babies afterwards) that I was ever paying to much. And actually I pay less than I did at other locations. First time I heard price and saw the outcome I couldn't believe it!
Julie goes out of her way to ensure both the customer and most of all your pets are at peace. The best part is since they are not a large corporation, booking only 1 or two dogs at a time, my boys never have to be in a cage!
If your pets are more than "pets" (and I say that because they accept more than dogs) I would never pass up UPP. Sometimes you need to go a little out of your way in the short run to receive long term happiness for your babies!

Renee T.

      Photo by Adina St. John

This is by far the best place in the Canton/Plymouth area! Uptown Poochie Parlor is a beautiful and clean facility located in the heart of Cherry Hill Village.
Julie Pello, the owner is professional and caring. Our dogs wag their tails and get excited as she always walks out to greet us when I drop them off.
Julie has a rare and amazing energy that calms my two dachshunds down, always making sure they get settled in before I leave them.
Our dogs are part of our family, we only want the best for them which is why I trust them to "Uptown Poochie Parlor" for grooming.
Julie goes above and beyond the norm!

Traci R.
We don't know what happens--because we drop our family member, Minnie, off and then pick her up. But, she shared with us her day at the "spa"
She tells us that Julie is the kindest, most thoughtful, human she has ever met. She says she likes the wash, but could do without the dry.
Minnie also states that the shopping is excellent, and the place is spotless. Because she is a Schnauzer, she requires a special kind of spa treatment to show off her special attributes. Thank you Julie for all you do for Minnie, her family really appreciates it.


Minnie, Suzanne and Steve Jaskowski

I LOVE my spa day at UPP. My fancy do, my beautiful ear bows and my luscious nail polish are impeccabley done by the beautiful Ms. Julie; she puts the "Uptown" in my poochie parlor daaaa-ling. Gidget Olivia
I LOVE my aunt Julie! My human used to take me to Flint MI for this grooming stuff. MAN! It was so loud in there. Other dogs were in cages all over the place screaming and yelling. It was still on my nerves three days after I left! Aunt Julie - she does me right. I play in her play pen and have a great time. Not to mention how handsome she makes me look! Hammy
R. Ritchie Northville, MI
   Northville Canton area pet groomer

I have been taking my Labradoodle, Sadie, to Julie for 4 years. I followed Julie from Novi to Canton when she opened Uptown Poochie Parlor. I love the way Julie grooms my dog and she is always accommodating to special grooming requests. I am never left waiting to drop off or pick up. Julie runs on time for her appointments and is always happy and friendly. I would highly recommended Uptown Poochie Parlor as the best grooming service in the area.

J. Hart
Novi, Michigan
   canton grooming
My dog, Patches and her best canine friend, Lulu love going to see Julie at the Uptown Poochie Parlor. Julie does a wonderful job cleaning them up and making them pretty!
Julie has been grooming them for years and her love for animals shows through as she takes care in grooming them! Thanks Julie!
Laura Kloiber-Northville, MI
I would like to highly recommend Julie Pello at Uptown Poochie Parlor in Canton, MI. for all your dog grooming needs. I have followed Julie from Novi to Canton because I think she is the best, and I follow my best. My two schipperkes are well taken care of when I bring them to her.

Julie takes special care of my pets because she treats them like they were her own. My dogs are happy to see her and they always look great.

Tell all your friends that this is the place to take your special friends.

Novi resident


Hi! My name is Miss Mo, a four year old golden doodle. I was adopted from a nasty barn in northern Michigan. My 'human guardian' moved me to the city when I was only six weeks old.

The best part of my new home is I get to go visit Miss Julie at "The Spa" to be pampered. About every eight weeks, I get a foxy haircut, have my nails done, teeth brushed, ears cleaned, and lots of love.

Let me tell you.....I am the envy of all the other canines at the dog park. Out for many walks with my human guardian----people always tell me how gorgeous I am and want to pet me. Boy, I am living a "dog-gone good life", now!

Miss Mo & My Human Guardian J.K.


Where do I begin...if I say to Rex and Monty "We are going to see Julie" and we happen to be on the stairs, the dogs better be in front of me or I am a dead woman when they charge down and head to the door.

The last time I picked them up from their groom, Monty whined and tried to get back into the shop and see her. I can't tell you how much peace it gives me to know when I leave them with her that they are well taken care of in every sense of the word.

I am constantly complimented on their appearance and softness. We are so blessed to have found Julie 6 years ago!

Ann H. Novi, MI

Uptown Poochie Parlor has definitely been a wonderful addition to the Cherry Hill Village Community. The location is very convenient for Canton residents, especially for Cherry Hill Village residents, and the prices are very reasonable. My dog, Lacy, loves to visit the Parlor and is always very excited to see Miss Julie. She typically receives a shampoo and conditioning treatment along with nail trimming (including polish...if you're a girl pooch), teeth brushing and lots of love.

Thank you, Uptown Poochie Parlor, for providing such awesome care for our four-legged friends.

Beth Casari

Lacy after a grooming at Uptown Poochie Parlor


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