Terms and Conditions for Uptown Poochie Parlor

The safety and well-being of your pet is Uptown Poochie Parlor's primary concern.

Please: DO NOT pet other client's pets. Not all animals are friendly towards strangers. U.P.P. is not responsible for any bites that you or your children may receive.

If at anytime during the grooming process, for any reason, U.P.P. does not feel your pet can be safely groomed, the grooming will cease and you will be called to pick up your pet. You will be charged for services completed. U.P.P. does not use harsh handling techniques. Aggressive dogs (who are a danger to themselves and/or our staff) will be immediately sent home.

At ANYTIME U.P.P. may require your pet to obtain a health clearance note (from a vet), stating your pet is healthy enough to go through a grooming process.

Uptown Poochie Parlor is not responsible for any pre-existing medical conditions or the aggravation of those conditions, such as; heart disease, arthritis, obesity, infections (i.e. ear, eye or skin), allergies or any other medical problem that may be affected by the grooming process.

Uptown Poochie Parlor is not responsible for any allergic reactions and/or eye irritation resulting from the manufacturer's recommended usage of any products. Though the products used by Uptown Poochie Parlor are professional grade, a pet may experience an allergic reaction to grooming products at any time. Please consult your vet prior to having your dog groomed if they are known to have overly sensitive skin. Let us know if your pet has sensitive skin or allergies.

Severe matting may cause underlying skin conditions that cannot be detected until the matting is removed. Uptown Poochie Parlor is not responsible for these skin conditions nor the aggravation of these conditions due to the grooming process. Occasionally minor abrasions, cuts or razor burn are a result of severe matting. Uptown Poochie Parlor is not liable for any of these occurrences nor vet bills incurred from them.

WE DO NOT DE-MATT! Even when done carefully and properly, de-matting causes discomfort/pain for your pet and can also cause skin abrasions.

Uptown Poochie Parlor is not responsible for your pet's escape from your car to the premises or vice versa due to improper restraint (ill fitting or broken collar, hotness and/or leash). You are responsible for properly fitting your pet's collar/harness and making sure all their restraint accessories are in proper condition and fit to insure no slipping of the collar/hamess or leash. Also, if you as the pet parent should choose to bring your pet in unleashed, you retain all responsibility for the escape and/or injury of your pet from any event or circumstance (dog bite/car accident/etc).

We have the right to refuse service to pets that pose a possible bite risk. For the safety of your pet and our staff please let us know if your pet has ever bitten someone or is known to show fear aggression. One bite can put a groomer or bather out of work for several weeks. Some bites can cause severe permanent damage or disfigurement. We thus take all necessary precautions when working with nervous or aggressive pets. Grooming time will take longer when working with these pets. Additional fees will be added to the regular grooming fees when grooming aggressive pets. 

Though we use gentle handling techniques we also reserve the right to humanely muzzle and/or restrain pets that pose possible threats to their own safety and those of the staff. It is NOT a pet professional's duty to be bitten so that a pet can be groomed. 

Cancellation/Fees Policy

Fees will be due upon your next arrival, before the grooming starts. Pre payment may be required for repeat late arrivals and/or cancellations.

Cancellations received 3 business days (or more) before your scheduled groom will not incur a charge.

* Cancellations received 48 business hours before the scheduled groom will be charged a $10 flat fee.

*Cancellations received by 12 noon the business day before (the scheduled appointment) will have a fee of 50% of the groom charge.Calls after 12 noon but before close (the day prior to your scheduled appt) will be charged 70% of the full grooming fee.

* Same day cancellations or no shows will be charged 85% of the groom fee.

* If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appt you will be rescheduled. Late arrivals push all our other clients back. U.P.P. has salon style booking, therefore each pet has a designated amount of time allotted for them. This ensures the least amount of stress and time spent away from home. Late arrivals resulting in a reschedule will be charged a fee of 75% of the groom charge.

* U.P.P. upholds a strict policy regarding no shows for appointments. Three cancellations or no shows will require a $50 re-instatement fee and/or the termination of our service/client relationship. Two no shows require pre-payment to book a new appointment.  

* $20 (per HALF hour) will be charged for late pick ups. U.P.P. is by appointment only, therefore our closing times differ from day to day.

* Pets not picked up within the 1 hour grace period of the groom's completion, will be charge a $10 per hour pet sitting fee.

* There is a $35 fee for returned checks (which must be paid in cash, along with the grooming fee, before your next groom).

** Holiday cancellations will not be re-scheduled until after the Holiday.**

Mandatory flea shampoo/bath ($10 additional charge) if fleas are found on your pet. There is a charge of $1 per tick (removed from your pet while being groomed).


WE ARE NOT A DAY CARE FACILITY. PROMPT PICK UP IS REQUIRED. For everyone's safety: only ONR adult and their pet(s) are allowed in the lobby at a time. Children are no longer allowed inside the building. If someone is already inside the building, make sure to wait outside. Have your dog and self a safe distance from other pets/people, who may be exiting the building. You are soley responsible for safely getting your pet(s) inside the building (to and from your car). 

We encourage everyone to have their pet(s) properly leashed. Do not let pets off its leash or out of its carrier until a staff member has your pet(s) in their control. Pets (not from the same house hold) are NEVER to come in contact with each other (while under the owner's control). Always keep your pet(s0 and self away from other animals inside the salon. Keep out of the immediate area of the doorways.

DO NOT PET animals who are not your own. UPP is NOT liable for bites incurred to yourself nor your pet. DO NOT OPEN INTERIOR SALON DOORS. PERIOD. Only a staff member will open salon doors for your pet(s) to leave the back areas into the lobby.